Is a Positive Person Happy all the time?

A positive person is not happy all the time. But a positive person has either innate character traits and/or has learned techniques to help herself restore herself is she falls into some despair or lowered mood state. For example, a “positive” person realizes that things do not always go our way. However, even if she has a perfectly normal reaction of upset if something happens to her that is unsettling, she has ways of getting herself back to an optimistic position in terms of her moods and behaviors. Perhaps she learned this from her early family life and the messages she received. But perhaps she wasn’t so fortunate, and has intentionally practiced ways of cheering herself up, such as positive cognitive thoughts, exercise, proper nutrition, enough sleep, making friends, etc. I always say it takes work to be happy. However, the reverse is true also. It takes mental and physical work to be miserable also. Just think how heavy you feel when you sag your shoulders. Think how miserable you feel if you stay up all night worrying! So I think being happy is the better alternative for feeling good and a better use of our energies!

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