Conversation With Edward W. Smith

“Becoming more like a child might be just what you need to move your life ahead in some wonderful ways. Children have learning curves and enjoyment curves, we never approach as adults. Our learning and enjoyment of life slows the older we get. If you want to turn this around, pick up some of the attributes of children. Be curious and use this curiosity to learn. Get excited and use this excitement to enjoy life. Be spontaneous and enjoy the moment and take what there is to learn that is right in front of you. So if someone calls you childish, it might be the best compliment they could give you.” Edward W. Smith, who brings wonderful One Minute Motivators to Us.

You are so right Ed! Some of our most delightful feelings and experiences in the present are built on the building blocks of energy and enthusiasm we had as children. For example, if I hadn’t enjoyed skipping so much as a six year old I don’t think I would be interested in walking along the beach now. I can’t skip very well, but there is what I call a “Shadow Print Memory” of skipping and feeling alive inside of me, that gives me some of the propulsion I need to walk enough to feel good in my adult body. For more on Shadow Prints of the mind and body, go to my book, The Enchanted Self, A Positive Therapy.

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